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TelePost, Greenland


To modernize and manage Greenland’s network, where there had been no mobile broadband access in remote and rural areas. The country posed geographic challenges due to difficult terrain and extreme environmental conditions.


Ericsson modernized the country’s network with the Ericsson Radio System and a cost efficient upgrade of sites to LTE.


Broadband access and mobile broadband is now the backbone of a modern society in Greenland, providing connectivity for residential, enterprises and other services such as coastal radio.

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Ericsson to modernize and manage TELE-POST’s network in Greenland

  • TELE-POST in Greenland has selected Ericsson as strategic long-term partner to transform its network and introduce Ericsson Radio System
  • The Ericsson Radio System will enhance coverage and the mobile broadband user experience, as well as introduce Fixed Wireless Access in a number of settlements
  • Ericsson will modernize, expand and operate the network
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Global goals

Supporting the Sustainable Development Goals

The highlighted Sustainable Development Goals are included in the project.

“This project is evidence of our global reach, technological skills and capabilities. We will improve connectivity across this massive island, home to the second largest body of ice in the world. Together with TELE-POST, we will deliver innovative mobile technology to some of the most remote residents in the world, and open up a world of possibilities for local enterprises.”

- Per Narvinger, Head of Northern and Central Europe, Ericsson.