Safer vehicle production with 5G

Is 5G technology capable of revolutionizing safer production processes in factories?

In our collaboration with Audi and sensor manufacturer SICK, we hooked up a German factory with superfast 5G, so that Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) could maneuver safely and wirelessly around the workspace, collaborating in perfect harmony with human workers.

Supporting sustainability goals

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Greater efficiency through fast and reliable connectivity

SICK is a leading manufacturer in the field of sensor intelligence, creating unique products which, among other things, enable automated vehicles to detect their surroundings and alter their paths independently when encountering obstacles. Audi is an instantly recognizable carmaker which is eyeing up enhanced flexibility for its factory processes by using 5G to enable safe human-machine collaboration  and to connect robots and production tools mounted onto AGVs. All this technology needs to be safely connected and strategically organized, but how?

Bringing 5G into the Audi factory

Bringing 5G into the Audi factory

Ericsson has spent three years validating 5G for industrial use cases. This time around, we wanted to showcase the power and potential of this disruptive technology in a vehicle production environment.

In our case study with Audi and SICK, we show how 5G can connect all the dots in factory environments and address multiple problems all in the same network, resulting in tremendous flexibility improvements, enhanced connectivity and a complete reimagining of what safe human–robot collaboration can look like.

5G: A unique and powerful tool in the hands of industries

5G: A unique and powerful tool in the hands of industries

5G is increasingly enabling us to address complex use cases which were previously deemed either impossible, unimaginable, or both. In the hands of industries, this new technology is a powerful tool indeed – and Ericsson is determined to show people why.

Our collaboration with Audi and SICK is the perfect demonstration of how Ericsson is using the 5G technology of tomorrow to reinvent industrial safety today.

Many of today’s manufacturers are still relying on both wired and wireless technologies that are not meeting their needs.

Ericsson is helping manufacturers use cellular connectivity to gain a competitive edge.

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