Revitalizing mangrove forests

Kampung Dato Hormat, Malaysia and Smart Communications, Philippines

Connected Mangroves project


To conserve the marine ecosystem of a critical habitat and ecotourism area in Malaysia and the Philippines.


An IoT solution was deployed in Malaysia and the Philippines, building on wireless connectivity and capturing data relevant to the mangroves’ survival.


In Malaysia, volunteers from Ericsson and its partners have now planted 3,400 mangrove saplings. Trees have grown more than six feet high since 2017. There’s also improved flood protection and the community now has the ability to catch shellfish.

In the Philippines, the community has stated that it has had improved fish catches near the area and that migratory birds, not seen in the area since the 1940s, have been spotted on the site.

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Smart, Ericsson partner to protect critical habitat

Smart Communications Inc. and Ericsson have launched the Connected Mangroves project to help conserve the marine ecosystem of the Bangkung Malapad - a critical habitat and ecotourism area in the Philippines.

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Active SDGs

Supporting the Sustainable Development Goals

The highlighted Sustainable Development Goals are included in the project.

“We are pleased to launch this project in the Philippines with Smart and the local government unit of Sasmuan, Pampanga. As a leading advocate of ‘Technology for Good,’ this project exemplifies how we use ICT and IoT technology to address global issues, such as climate change. Technology can help create a positive impact, as we have seen in the case of our Connected Mangroves project in Malaysia. There is tremendous potential in adapting this project for applications in areas like agriculture or aquaculture.”

- Martin Wiktorin, head of Ericsson Philippines and Pacific Islands, Singapore and Brunei.