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Enabling a Digital port with private LTE at Rotterdam

Ericsson provided private LTE to Rotterdam World Gateway to enable reliable and quality communication services for its automated container terminal.
Rotterdam World Gateway: Empower digital port with Private LTE
Image source: Rotterdam World Gateway

Rotterdam World Gateway is a modern, highly automated container terminal. For data communications to their Automated Guided Vehicles, Terminal Trucks and Tablets, Wifi connectivity turned out to become unreliable, insecure and relatively high on OPEX.

Ericsson delivered a better alternative by means of a fully redundant, highly available and secure private LTE network. The end-to-end solution, based on private owned spectrum in the 3.5Ghz range, enables robust and cost-effective data communication for around 100 clients on the container terminal.

Supported use cases

  • Data communication between customer application server and Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV). Routing behind Mobile Station in AGV between modem and applications behind it.
  • Data communication towards workflow terminal in manned-truck
  • Data communication towards ruggedized tablets, to be used between container stacks at reefer areas
  • Connect MIFI devices with private 4G sim cards to laptops


The result

  • 365/24/7 operations
  • 99.99% availability
  • Guaranteed latency <50 milliseconds
  • Total capacity 60Mbps


Customer benefits

  • Improved performance, reliability and data security
  • Secure remote access for monitoring and control
  • Scalable to add more capacity and additional use-cases