5G Live Networks: SK Telecom

Ericsson 5G networks are now switched on in South Korea - explore the case below

Ericsson 5G is live in South Korea

In early 2019, SK Telecom switched on its commercial 5G network, announcing the “Beginning of the Age of Hyper-Innovation with 5G”. The company introduced in detail its competitiveness in 5G network along with 5G price plans and services.

5G partnership for success

Ericsson and SK Telkom have a close and strong 5G cooperation. Ericsson has provided SKT with the 5G New Radio (NR) radio, baseband, and Ericsson Network Management systems to support its for its 5G commercial network launch.

SKT customer 5G needs

Listen to the needs and expectations of the of the SK Telekoms customers  from the 5G services

SKT 5G deployment strategy

Learn about SK Telekom’s deployment strategy and approach for 5G, the key success factors and how SKT was able to provide 5G coverage to 50% of the population by end of 2019.

Discover our 5G platform

Our 5G is made to evolve your network from 4G to 5G in a fast way and boost performance with precision.

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Ericsson and SKT in 5G

SK Telecom's 5G strategy ensures top network experience

In our latest Ericsson Mobility Report, we dive deeper into SKT's 5G cluster-based rollout strategy. We reveal how it's enabling a premium network experience and high-quality services in specific locations.

SKT and Ericsson build 5G with precision in the world’s largest 5G market

Meeting 5G ambitions efficiently and economically requires solutions that can both support the required capacity and can be deployed and operated in an optimized way. Together, SKT and Ericsson are maximizing the potential of 5G.

5G is live: Explore our networks around the world

2019 was the year we managed to roll out 24 live commercial networks with our fantastic partners. To get a recap of the 5G networks that have gone live so far, explore our 5G globe.