Rapid network transformation with Ericsson Operations Engine

Stepping into the future in only 11 weeks

To manage the increased complexity, Digi and Ericsson Managed Services leveraged the AI capabilities of the Ericsson Operations Engine to proactively manage the customer experience. Our customer centric data driven approach allowed Digi and Ericsson to break down the challenges and succeed in this rapid transformation.


Transforming an operation with 11 million subscriptions

As Malaysia’s largest network, Digi provides mobile services to more than 11 million subscribers. “Everything we do is centered around the customer,” says Digi’s Head of Network Engineering, Nesakumar Retnasamy. With emerging technologies like 5G and IoT and a rising tide of connected devices on the horizon, Digi called on Ericsson Managed Services to help it modernize its network operations—and do it fast.

Powered by a team of global experts and the AI and data driven Ericsson Operations Engine, we did the impossible: re-training 384 Digi employees and overhauling 3,116 activities in just 11 weeks. The impact was immediate. In only 3 months, trouble ticket automation skyrocketed from 12% to 87% and Network Promoter Score (NPS) began its steady climb from 12% in Q2 2019 to nearly 16% in Q2 2020.

Get an inside look at the transformation with Nesakumar Rernasamy, Head of Network Engineering, Digi Malaysia, and Gagan Wadhwa, Managed Services Chief Operating Officer, Ericsson Malaysia.

Deploying AI to enhance customer experience with Ericsson Operations Engine

With the digital landscape in constant evolution and always new technologies emerging, one thing remains the same: the demand for a superior customer experience. The AI at the core of the Ericsson Operations Engine provided the team with powerful insights and the tools to act on them, moving from traditional numbers to what the customer is actually experiencing.

Ericsson Operations Engine was essential in bringing in machine learning and artificial intelligence into Digi’s Net Promoter Score. The operator saw significant improvements within the space of about 2 months. Just like with NPS, AI is expected to positively impact every key indicator in the network, all from CAPEX, OPEX, network performance and customer satisfaction,

Learn more about the AI capabilities of the Ericsson Operations Engine, its impact on customer experience and Digi’s plans for the future.

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