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Crafting UX - designing the user experience beyond the interface

There is more to a good user experience than attractive products and services that solve problems and function according to a given set of requirements. Creating products and services that provide compelling experiences for users requires planning, resources, and processes for monitoring progress and measuring quality - crafting UX.

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Modern users are savvy and demanding, and their expectations are high. They want products and services that provide some level of value. They want their products to be aesthetically pleasing, emotionally satisfying, as well as easy to learn, use, install, maintain and upgrade.

Ericsson is shifting from being driven by technology to being driven by needs and experiences. This shift has manifested itself in the development of a design approach that gets close to the user. Crafting UX is a user experience (UX) framework with roles, responsibilities and guidelines to better understand, define and meet users’ needs.

Designing similar – yet not identical – assets that provide comparable functionality, in different ways for different products, is neither financially justifiable nor good in terms of usability. By reusing common assets and code for similar functionalities, design teams can focus on the important task of creating relevant content and functionality; in other words, content that is useful and usable.

By establishing a shared vision across all groups involved in the development of products and services teamwork becomes more effective and coordinated efforts lead to a greater design and a better user experience.

Crafting UX – designing the user experience beyond the interface