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Ericsson at India Mobile Congress 2023

Ericsson at India Mobile Congress 2023

Powering India's tomorrow: 5G and beyond

Oct 27, 2023 09:00
to Oct 29, 2023 18:00 (IST Standard Time)

Ericsson is creating an India of limitless connectivity, with the power of 5G.

With a legacy spanning over 120 years, we've been driving India's telecom journey across generations of mobility. Being the 1st telecom player to Make in India in 1994 , we are powering the 5G momentum in the country, with our technology , R&D and our people.

Catch a glimpse of how we are Powering India's Tomorrow:5G and beyond


Highlights from the India Mobile Congress

IMC 2023 Highlights | 1:57 mins

Ericsson at India Mobile Congress

At the India Mobile Congress this year, we showcased technology milestones and 5G use cases that will accelerate India’s 5G journey and lay the foundation for a Digital India.

Catch a glimpse of all the action and explore how we are Powering India’s Tomorrow.

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Technology showcase

6G Zero energy device | 1:15 mins

Advanced intelligent transport safety solutions | 1:22 mins

Ericsson 4D Replay | 00:34 mins

Demo Connected Miners | 1:59 mins

Kavach | 3:01 mins

Reimagining Broadcasting | 1:05 mins

Reimagining mining | 1:23 mins

Reimagining Wearables and Devices | 1:46 mins

Startup 5G-an eco system approach | 3:03 mins

Pioneering a sustainable future | 2:01 mins

Real-life digital twin | 1:20 mins

Walkthrough IMC 2023 | 22:23 mins

Leadership perspectives

Nitin Bansal in IMC 2023

Nunzio in IMC 2023

Ludvig Landgren in IMC 2023

Magnus Ewerbring in IMC 2023

Priyanka Anand in IMC 2023

Ari Gentis in IMC 2023

Manjunath in IMC 2023

Thiaw Seng in IMC 2023

Experience zones at IMC

Enabling innovation with Startup 5G

Enabling innovation with Startup 5G

At the India Mobile Congress, we are unleashing a wave of innovation with the ConsumerLab Startup 5G program. Join us to explore new possibilities of monetizing 5G for consumers by including relevant partners of the global ecosystem with a focus on startups and developers within the 5G space.

Driving India forward

Driving India forward

From setting up the very 1st switch in 1903 to providing connectivity now with 5G, our association with India has been special. Discover how we are using technology for good with our skill development initiatives in India along with our focus to enabling a safer India and bridging the digital divide with connectivity.

Explore a 6G Future

Explore a 6G Future

Witness how 6G technologies and the boundless potential of zero-energy devices to create a future where physical and digital realities have merged. Experience 6G come alive at the India Mobile Congress.

Accelerating 5G growth

Accelerating 5G growth

With our end-to-end 5G Platform, we are enabling operators to evolve to new 5G capabilities at a speed that matches their own business strategy, while enhancing current 4G business by reducing risk and making best use of current infrastructure.

Enabling a sustainable India

Enabling a sustainable India

At our sustainability zone, we are showcasing the four topics of net zero, energy performance, decarbonization and digital inclusion, along with India focussed initiatives showcasing the impact that Ericsson is making in the country and around the world.

Powering the Industrial Metaverse

Powering the Industrial Metaverse

In the future, we will see an increase mix of the digital and physical worlds. We show this simultaneous integration of a cyber physical system realized by 5G. The zone also includes a showcase of an Industrial Internet of People that empowers better decision-making for workforce in mines and underground conditions.

In focus

Connect To learn

Explore an insightful story of how the Center of Excellence (CoE) is opening up new opportunities for the students at Delhi Skill & Entrepreneurship University (DSEU), India. Know how Ericsson and the Telecom Sector Skill Council (TSSC) are enabling underserved students develop skills in 5G and emerging technologies & help bridge the digital divide.

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Imagine Possible India

Imagine an India where limitless connectivity means limitless possibility. Where connectivity truly enables an exciting future and unlocks never seen possibilities, redefines business and pioneers a sustainable future. Explore how we are powering a stronger Digital India today and paving the way to future full of new capabilities & possibilities.

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India to witness accelerated 5G adoption

According to the latest Consumer Lab study, 31 million users in India could upgrade to 5G phones in 2023. Know more about the 5G momentum in the country.

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Ericsson Mobility Report, June 2023

Communications service providers worldwide are continuing to invest in 5G, driven by the prospect of superior connectivity and emerging opportunities. This comes despite geopolitical unrest and a macroeconomic slowdown in some markets.

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India’s connectivity partner for more than 120 years

Know how Ericsson is powering connectivity & driving virtually every aspect of telecommunications across more than 120 years in India. Explore our journey.

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