Security, interoperability and openness in mobile networks

The role of security standards in 5G

Future network security

Intelligent society and industry will transform telecom networks into the primary platform for business innovation. As the number of connected applications and devices continue to increase exponentially, so too will the economic value which relies on their integrity. Intelligent networks will carry an abundance of industry and consumer data, changing the nature of business competition. Securing those assets will make future network security key to ensuring trustworthiness of society and industry.

The emergence of a more intelligent and connected network will present new attack vectors and threats. As the world becomes more digitalized, attention to privacy will become more relevant than ever. At Ericsson, we have identified privacy as being one of the core enablers of trustworthiness across telecom networks. This will continue to underpin our standardization and regulatory efforts, product design and implementation considerations, and research activities. By staying ahead of the market, we ensure our cellular wireless infrastructure remains the most trustworthy choice for both mission and business critical use, and always the strongest link in the privacy chain. As we move toward intelligent society and industry, we’ll integrate this level of security into connected business.


End-to-end trustworthiness is ensured through wireless infrastructure and scalable solutions with adaptable and verifiable dimensions of trustworthiness. This is complemented by central threat intelligence, actively collecting intelligence on current security threats.

Security at scale

Security at scale means safeguarding huge volumes of devices, data and use cases. Such scale cannot be managed on a case by case basis which is why we make sure our future network security solutions will always protect the end-to-end of all connected use cases.

Policy-driven automation

Policy-driven automation which aligns with industry frameworks, together with rule-based analytics (for known threats) and machine-learning analytics (for anomalies and unknown threats) will enable holistic, quality and cost-efficient security of all future use cases.



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