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How Manufacturers Can Strategically Empower the Next Generation Workforce

How manufacturers can strategically empower the next generation workforce

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The smart manufacturing workplace of tomorrow will require factory workers to seamlessly operate between virtual and physical worlds. As manufacturers embrace this dynamic, they’re considering how to better engage associates by adopting next-generation strategies that blend technology and workforce development.

Advancements in augmented/mixed reality, push-to-talk, wearables, robotics, video analytics, IoT devices and communications systems along with improvements in cost have dramatically improved the business case for next-generation worker strategies.

In this webinar, we’ll explore how manufacturers are rethinking historical job roles and adopting new and novel work methodologies. We’ll look at the current catalysts that are driving workplace change and why they matter. We’ll address what manufacturers can do to address skill and competency gaps within existing staff and propose considerations for future new hires. Finally, we’ll examine some of the new technologies that can be implemented to help train, hire and retain the next generation workforce.

Key topics:

  • Transformational shifts forcing manufacturers to develop new, digitally savvy factory workforces
  • How manufacturers can develop new factory workers as the digital operating environment emerges
  • Technologies that manufacturers can implement to help support the next-generation workforce