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The Ericsson Industry 4.0 partner program brings together like-minded companies to get the most out of industrial business opportunities.

Why partner with Ericsson

Partnerships are key to unlocking the full value of 5G and Industry 4.0. No company can unlock the full value of mobile connectivity alone. Ericsson is working with partners to ensure seamless and secure industrial IoT.

Working with service providers, system integrators, software and application developers, chipset and device vendors, gateway suppliers, cloud providers and various standards organizations, we are bridging the gap between the mobile networks and application platforms.

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Our partner ecosystem is growing

Innovate and activate. Become an industrial partner, joining our ecosystem partners, to enhance connectivity and productivity for industry customers. Join us as an Industry Connect partner.

Service provider

Do you want to become a reseller for Ericsson? Partnership gives you the opportunity to target new markets. Become a reseller, and you can enjoy discounts off list price to increase your margins as well as free training.

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Partnering for MNOs

Independent software vendor

Do you create a software solution for the factory or warehouse floor? We'll help you grow your business, earn certification and gain valuable access to new customers.

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Partnering for ISVs

System integrator

Do you help customers transform their operations with next-generation technology? Will that transformation provide more value with new connectivity investments? Enhance your value proposition as an Ericsson partner. You'll gain access to new business opportunities and get noticed through co-marketing with our global brand. Benefits include free training and other assets.

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Partnering for SIs

Tech device partner

Do you have an innovative device or gateway for industrial IoT automation that helps manufacturers and distributors leverage connectivity investments? As an Ericsson partner, you earn certifications to unlock new business opportunities and gain access to new customers.

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Partnering for devices

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