Better connectivity for Industry 4.0 solutions? Easy.

Easy to install. Easy to manage. Easy to secure.

Ericsson Industry Connect

Operators of most manufacturing, logistics, and distribution plants  want a communications solution that simplifies, not complicates.

That's why many are turning to Ericsson Industry Connect, a turnkey Industry 4.0 solution that solves the connectivity needs of the smart factory or warehouse with an unequalled level of ease.

To deliver high reliability, high device density, robust security and predictable latency, Ericsson Industry Connect network relies on LTE technology, the trusted technology used in cell phones around the world.

Easy to install and use

Installation and network setup are easy. Once setup is complete, you'll be up and running quickly, often within 24 hours

Highly reliable

No handoffs between access points means no dead spots – just reliable connectivity throughout the factory. No kidding.

Highly secure

Industry Connect keeps all data on premises using built-in LTE security protocols to increase data security.

Built for Industry 4.0. Ready for 5G

Built on the Ericsson 5G-capable cellular platform, Ericsson Industry Connect not only enables Industry 4.0 today, but also readies your operations for 5G.

What is Ericsson Industry Connect?

Industry Connect enables smarter factories with smarter connectivity.

Improve the way your factory's connected devices connect

Smart factories and warehouses bring a new and complex set of requirements. As the number of remote-control and autonomous robots and automated guided vehicles (AGVs) on the factory floor increase, manufacturers are demanding:

  • Reliability, so mobile solutions remain connected no matter where they are in the factory
  • Density to accommodate many devices communicating within a small area
  • Security to protect intellectual property from theft and prevent tampering
  • Predictable latency for quick reaction times 

Animation - Industry 4.0 challenges and value of Ericsson Industry Connect

Industry Connect addresses connectivity challenges with reliable, secure, wireless coverage.

Plug and play, Industry Connect

Erik Josefsson

Head of Advanced Industries & Business Development, Dedicated Networks

Wireless, but not any wireless. Your own dedicated cellular network

The key to smart factories and warehouses is wireless connectivity that enables mobility for connected devices, agility in operations and an ever-increasing level of device density. Cellular technology wirelessly connects widespread assets and processes in real time, allowing plants to integrate workflows—by being able to locate moving assets and portable tools, for instance.

New wireless connections and services increase value, reduce waste and overcome the pain points of a fixed network. Which is why connectivity is the foundation of the smart factory.

Find out about our support for CBRS in the US here.

Our latest Industry Connect reseller

Telenor Sweden is the first mobile network operator worldwide to join the Ericsson Industry Connect partner program as a reseller, paving the way for future 5G applications across the smart manufacturing sector. Telenor Sweden’s industrial customers will now be able to explore and utilize the full potential of IT-centric LTE networks customized for smart manufacturing applications.

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