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Experience the Data-driven operations symphony​

Ericsson Operations Engine

An engine that never sleeps​

Our data-driven operations approach leverages on the Ericsson Operations Engine, a solution capable of processing an unparalleled multinational, multivendor digital data store and training sophisticated algorithms to operate your network. ​​

It combines modern tools, digital processes, automation, analytics, artificial intelligence and a highly trained workforce ready to predict potential network issues caused by hardware, software, or external factors such as weather disturbances or customer behavior patterns. 

Every day, it processes data and automates millions of network commands to prevent network issues before they happen.

Process, tools, machine learning, automation, competence

What Ericsson Operations Engine can do for your network operations ​

724 K
Sites managed (145K 5G sites)

Capitalize on one of the largest telco digital data stores and AI & automation use case libraries

  • Access to an unparallel network scale that enables global feedback loops
  • Constantly evolving closed-loop automation and AI use case libraries
  • Manage your network with highly focused human intervention
32 %
Reduction in customer complaints with Ericsson Operations Engine

Operate and transform your network operations with committed business outcomes

  • Transform existing operations into a highly efficient and future-proof foundation 
  • Leverage Cloud Native and AI to transform your existing operations
  • Solid track record of field-validated results and business outcomes
Close to 5 M
AI triggered actions​ (27K+ automation running now)

Levels up your network towards Intent-based operations

  • “Teach” your network how to manage conflict to meet performance KPIs and SLAs
  • Monetize service diversification
  • Automatically res-pond to changes in demands and conditions in real time 

An engine is only as good as its parts

Components provide the core elements of the Ericsson Operations Engine. From AI and automation to competence  and processes, every component has been carefully assembled to empower service providers with a range of operational capabilities.

The result, a harmonious dance of precision wheels, working seamlessly together to operate CSPs networks with unparalleled precision. 


26 Data ready processes

Digitally deployed to drive e2e contract outcomes

  • E2E automation of process is the design standard
  • Digitally managed to support continuing AAA evolution on process tasks
  • Compatible with ITIL , ETOM and other open standards


ISO​ Standards compliant

Secure by design operating model

  • All data is encrypted in transit and at rest with applications at military standard
  • Vetting process for key EOE personnel
  • EOE meets global standards for all security controls and has regular vulnerability scans and penetration testing regimes


34.5 Petabytes of data

Data is at the core of everything we do

  • Unparalleled multinational and multivendor telco secure cloud data store 
  • E2E Secure Data Management 
  • Underpins global insights, benchmarking, service improvement and development


600k hours of skills development

Skilled People drive EOE forward

  • Crossed trained in multi domains & IP
  • Multi vendor experience in 5G
  • Automation & AI assessed skills (74%)


36m insights created annually 

Data driven insights to replace or assist in human decision making

  • Covering predictions, recommendations and analytical insights
  • Controlled data source usage for trust & explain ability
  • 4.6m insight driven automations per annum


6m Working hours replaced

Automation drives speed, accuracy & standardization

  • Covering process, task and bots
  • Over 25k automations running in daily ops
  • Wide ranging libraries driving 86% reuse


MVCloud hosted tools

Modernized e2e platform of tools which drive EOE execution incl AI and Automation

  • Simplified and secure connectivity with customer networks  with regional distribution and redundancy
  • Global data lake for analytics & reporting
  • Platform LCM and O&M risk included in EOE


What do you want your network to do today? ​

We are unleashing the power of AI intent-based operations by enabling the network to understand CSPs own business language and automatically translate it into a telco service technical specification so that networks deliver automatically on the requested business outcomes. 

With AI Intent-based module, Ericsson Operations Engine takes your operations to the next level. 

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