Ericsson Operation Engine podcast series

Exploring the future of telecom operations

How will network operations adapt to the rapidly-changing telecom environment? Featuring industry experts and engineers managing the next-generation of networks, Ericsson Operations Engine limited podcast series provides a first-hand look into the operating networks, customer experiences, and collaborative innovation meeting the challenges of tomorrow.

Episode 01: The future operating model for service providers

The host Kirsty Fitzgibbon is joined by Bradley Mead (Head of Networks Managed Services at Ericsson) and Curtis Price (Vice President, IDC Infrastructure Services) to kick off the limited series with a discussion about digitalization transforming the telecommunications industry.

Episode 02: How is Artificial Intelligence shaping telecom operations

Jonas Åkeson (Head of Automation and AI at Ericsson Managed Services) and Elena Fersman (Ericsson Director of Machine Intelligence and Automation Research) join Kirsty Fitzgibbon to discuss AI's impact on the future of connectivity.

Episode 03: Designing with data

Follow a conversation between Kirsty Fitzgibbon and two Ericsson Network Design and Optimization experts Anna Palmgren and Stevan Filipovic, as they discuss both business and experience sides network planning.

Episode 04: Running networks by predicting what's next

Join Kirsty Fitzgibbon, Sam Keys-Toyer and Rodrigo Beyer Fernadez as they discuss a fundamental shift from reactive to predictive operations within telecommunications, and how advancements in using data, both historical and real time, create increasing impact.

Episode 05: Turning legacy into an agile IT environment

Join Kirsty Fitzgibbon, Darren Geal and Eddy Cojulun as they discuss the transformation of legacy systems and its impact on people, operations and business models, and how to manage this process without losing momentum or increasing costs.

Episode 06: Automating network security to deal with increased complexities

In this episode Kirsty Fitzgibbon is joined by two remote guests: Karthik Subramanian (Head of Portfolio and Services at Ericsson Managed Services) and Raj Samani (Chief Scientist, McAfee). Listen to their discussion about evolving security threats, and why network security is a prerequisite for a valuable digital transformation, not an afterthought.

Episode 07: The changing role of people and their skills

How will the AI, data, and machine-driven capabilities fueling the modern operations environment impact people? In our new episode, Kirsty Fitzgibbon talks to Sachin Desai (Head of Ericsson Global AI Accelerator) and Ulrika Jägare (Director Technology and Architecture) about a commonly undervalued component of technological transformation: humans.

Episode 08: Swisscom: Insights and transformation

What does an operator transformation journey look like? What should an operator think about when developing the network and services to improve performance, as customer demands and use-cases change over time? In this special episode of the Ericsson Operations Engine podcast series, Kirsty Fitzgibbon talks to Daniel Staub, Head of Swisscom-Ericsson Joint Mobile Group and Juan Manuel Melero, Head of SA Network Design and Optimization at Ericsson about the journey to establish and maintain Swisscom's leading role in the Swiss telco market.

About the host

Kirsty Fitzgibbon

Kirsty Fitzgibbon
Head of Marketing & Communications, BA Managed Services

Kirsty Fitzgibbon is Head of Marketing & Communications and a member of Business Area Managed Services Leadership Team. Ericsson Managed Services business is undergoing a fundamental shift from a pure outsourcing business to an industry leader in data driven operations, enabled through Artificial Intelligence, automation and analytics. Kirsty and team are responsible for creating and driving perception of Managed Services in the market and within Ericsson as well as enabling sales growth for new and existing customers.