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Intelligent Integration

Zero Touch Integration

Scalability at your fingertips

Scalability at your fingertips

Development of easy, smart and intuitive HW driving deployment efficiency at site and E2E Automation for Integration and SW upgrades and achieve 80% Automation Performance.

Zero Touch Integration is the alignment of capabilities across the network deployment lifecycle, enabling a comprehensive provisioning and automated integration delivery vehicle. Zero Touch Integration provides true scalability to meet the needs of 5G and the acceleration by operators to deploy 5G ahead-of-schedule, enabling a faster ROI for operator services, and maximized quality and predictability.

Key benefits:

  • Safety - we reduce  local activities down to zero. The human work will be done completely remotely. No site visits

  • Sustainability - through remote activities, we reduce the need for site re-visits & optimize material use, limiting the environmental impact

  • Accuracy – less mistakes, products are easily integrated and with huge increase of first-time right percentage.


Integration done remotely


First time right

Key winning dimensions of capability

Key winning dimensions of capability

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