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Prioritizing reliable communications

We count on reliable communications, especially when time is of the essence and safety is paramount. Future networks will need to perform and protect more than ever before, providing the information required to react faster and more efficiently.

Our research into reliable communication is already turning possibilities into realities. We are creating connected buses and cars that can talk to each other, assisting remote surgery where all data is being received via the network, and piloting sensors to keep miners safe by defining their work area and alerting them to approaching dangers.

IoT is a large part of our future vision for ultra-reliable communications. Its power enables real-time control and automation of dynamic processes, providing continuous and reliable communication between machines that people can trust.

In practice, this will enable mission-critical communications to be prioritized as they are happening, meaning that tasks can be carried out quickly, and wherever they are needed.

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Handling mission-critical communication

Mark Moudy, Engineer Advanced Technology Labs at Ericsson North America, demonstrates 5G in action at CES 2016 in Las Vegas – using ultra-reliable network communications to control an excavator a thousand miles away in Dallas, Texas, in real time.

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5G radio access for ultra-reliable communications

Industrial process automation and remote surgery are examples of use cases that will be possible in future 5G systems. We call them mission-critical machine type communication use cases and they require communication with very high reliability and availability, as well as very low end-to-end latency. We can show that it is feasible to design a 5G radio interface capable of providing this.

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Reliable communications in action

Connected healthcare

The touch felt around the world

In collaboration with King's College London, Ericsson is providing an open research platform to disrupt the way we approach medicine and surgery, providing the necessary aid to both medical professionals and patients.

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5G health care

Imaginalis, El.En and Ericsson revolutionize healthcare with 5G

We are aiming to improve the lives of patients around the world by transforming healthcare treatments, beginning with a pilot scheme in Tuscany.

Reliable communications in context

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5G is there when it matters most

With its ultra-reliable communication possibilities, 5G technology will enable vital information to be relayed seamlessly, and sights and sounds to be experienced remotely. 

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IoT means reliable, real-time control

The two types of IoT communication, massive and critical, require low power and low latency respectively in order to work reliably and in real time – all of which 5G can provide. 

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Cloud places instant experience at the scene

The cloud stores the intelligence and experience required to deal with mission-critical situations in the most appropriate way known.  

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Safe and secure messaging

Creating a resilient low-latency network helps protect the information relayed between machines and people, as well as between machines and machines – keeping both data and people safe when it matters most. 

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