A royal 5G network in Stockholm

Telia and Ericsson's 5G network is now live at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm.

The 5G network on the KTH campus will serve as a platform for innovation and research within vital areas such as autonomous transportation, Internet of Things (IoT), smart buildings and city infrastructure, industry automation and remote VR.

The project is an important step toward launching early commercial 5G services in Sweden and demonstrates Telia and Ericsson’s commitment to drive innovation that will accelerate the digitalization of industries and society at large.

KTH has grown to become one of Europe's leading technological universities and a center for talent and innovation. The university is Sweden’s largest technical research institution and home to national strategic research within E-science and IT and mobile communication.

The network’s fast connectivity and low latency will attract partners, start-ups and tech-scientists interested in testing and developing new services and business models using Telia and Ericsson’s 5G platform.

This is the first 5G network on air in Sweden based on 3GPP standards and using commercial 5G products from Ericsson.

In June 2018, Telia, Ericsson and the KTH Royal Institute of Technology announced their partnership to boost the development of 5G in Sweden. The expansion of 5G will drive the entire digitalization of society through IoT and applications such as smart manufacturing and connected vehicles.

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