Capacity in dense urban areas with minimal visual impact - New Vault Radio 2268

Did you know that the use of existing street manholes where fiber and power already exists lowers total cost of ownership by 50 percent? Ericsson’s vault solutions effectively address cities’ needs by enabling the reuse of existing assets and underground space.
New Vault Radio 2268

The new Vault Radio 2268, part of the Ericsson Radio System, enables operators and cities to place radios in existing underground vaults, with fiber and power infrastructure connected to antenna on ground level. This allows for fast permit process and deployment, while ensuring no visual impact in street environment.

The Radio 2268:

  • Protected from total dust ingress and long term immersion (IP68)
  • Versions for all Radio System micro bands (TDD / FDD / LAA)
  • Full integration with existing network, including Carrier Aggregation capability