Outdoor Small Cells

Ericsson’s outdoor micro radio series provides seamless mobility for users moving in and out of the small cell coverage area. These radios have the best in class design, superior radio performance and power efficiency when it comes to medium range 3GPP radio products.

Ericsson outdoor small cell solutions can also be fully contained in many different existing infrastructures, including bus stops, information kiosks, billboards, street manholes and lamp posts. Connected street offer a great platform for providing seamless connectivity and digital services. They are also a natural part of a wider urban landscape, influenced by local needs and technological innovations.

Key solutions

Vault Solutions

Ericsson’s vault solutions effectively address cities’ needs by enabling the reuse of existing assets and underground space.

Micro radio

Mobile broadband customers want and expect a high-quality, consistent experience, whether they are connected via a macro cell or a small cell. In urban city streets and squares, outdoor micro cells are very handy, as they have sufficient power to cover both – a sizeable outdoor area and indoor users on lower floors of the buildings.

Ericsson Lightpole Site

Ericsson`s Zero Site models are multi-application pole solutions that support municipalities and utilities in: gaining new revenues from site leasing; and installing LED lighting to meet their sustainability goals. The solution also enables network operators to meet citizens’ demand for connectivity everywhere to everything.

Citizen’s Broadcast Radio Service (CBRS) solutions

Ericsson now offers CBRS solutions for a variety of deployments, learn more here.

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Related Small Cell offerings

Lightpole Site Slim

This invisible radio site lets small cells complement the macro network to provide better coverage in urban areas. The streetlight pole blends in with the environment and allows for reuse of existing equipment.

Capacity in dense urban areas with minimal visual impact - New Vault Radio 2268

Did you know that the use of existing street manholes where fiber and power already exists lowers total cost of ownership by 50 percent? Ericsson’s vault solutions effectively address cities’ needs by enabling the reuse of existing assets and underground space.

Invisible sites

Small cell radio base stations can be installed in existing infrastructure, deployed easily and invisibly in lamp posts, bus stops, information kiosks, and billboards.

City of Los Angeles and Philips shine a light on 4G LTE app coverage with Ericsson

Los Angeles is the world’s first city to deploy Philips’ SmartPole street lighting with fully built in 4G LTE wireless technology from Ericsson. The collaboration between Philips and Ericsson delivers a double benefit to LA citizens: high quality, public lighting that is energy efficient, as well as improved network performance in dense urban areas.