Ericsson Street Solutions

Improve network capacity in urban environments

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Street solutions - Improve network capacity in urban environments

Today, it's all about speed and access to new network capabilities, especially in dense urban areas.

But often, connectivity can suffer in large urban environments, and it can be difficult to expand the network and bring connectivity to the streets.

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  • There is often limited network coverage when spectrum is shared with macro sites in dense urban areas.
  • Cost and site permits are limiting street expansion
  • Time to market can be lengthy
  • Large variations in requirements on size and appearance for street sites exist – solutions need to blend in and not look like network equipment

Ericsson Street solutions

Ericsson's Street Macro portfolio offers service providers the opportunity to seamlessly bring connectivity to urban dwellers and workers. Part of the Ericsson Radio System, the street solutions are an integrated part of the network, with feature parity and end-to-end performance.

Key benefits:

  • High capacity with a small formfactor
  • Outdoor class, IP 65
  • Pole / Wall design for easy deployment

Street Macro products

The Street Macro portfolio offers a variety of options depending on band usage and frequency requirements:

Street Macro portfolio

Street Macro brochure

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