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Connectivity in an increasingly complex world

October 18, 2022

Since our founding over 145 years ago, Ericsson has been driven by the belief that access to communications is a basic human need. We are committed to providing people with continuous global connectivity, information and all that flows from this.  After all, in today’s world, communications drive the way we socialize, shapes politics and commerce, is relied on for healthcare and emergency networks, and increasingly shapes how people learn and what they believe. Digital connectivity creates immeasurable opportunities for society, yet one third of the world’s population remain unconnected to the Internet in 2022. We believe every person should have safe and affordable wireless communications – enabling inclusion, education and job opportunities, and a means for everyone to be better connected.

In this context, we have over the years expanded our global operations and are today present in over 180 markets. This is a leadership position that comes with great responsibility, which we take seriously. Today’s world is highly unpredictable and doing business across diverse and complicated operating environments is challenging. We are thoughtful about where we work and who we work with, always striving to fulfil our mission responsibly and with integrity. This means doing business with our eyes open, living up to our values and, importantly, putting people first by ensuring the safety of our employees as well as respecting and supporting the communities in which we work. If, as part of our continuous assessment, we conclude that our operations conflict with our fundamental principles and core values, we will change how we operate and exit if appropriate.

In the past, the company has not always lived up to the high expectations that we all have for our company and that is unacceptable - it does not represent who we are or what we stand for and we remain committed to being a positive force and to operate ethically at all times. We won’t compromise our values or the safety of our people. 

As a global company, changing circumstances may require or lead us to exit a market. In some instances, this happens under sudden, unplanned, and complex circumstances. However, exiting any market is not straightforward. People will always need access to communications and this is a core principle for us. Recent global events underscore the importance of digital connectivity. The importance for people to communicate freely with each other, and with the wider world, has never been clearer. When conflict or natural disaster strike, connectivity becomes a lifeline. Without access to the Internet, mobile networks and other methods of digital communication, vital information flow is slowed down or even halted entirely. This leaves people without an opportunity to communicate with loved ones, share what is happening locally with the world, obtain real-time sources of accurate information, access remote learning, and more. This is why many governments promote the development of digital infrastructure, even in geopolitically sensitive regions, and at times grant sanctions exemptions to essential businesses. Accordingly, we always look to honor our responsibility to provide civilian connectivity in times when societies may need it most.

If we make a decision to leave we will take every measure to exit in a responsible manner; compliant with the law, adhering to sanctions requirements, aligned with our Code of Business Ethics and corporate values and, most importantly, ensuring the safety of our people and respecting the community we are leaving.

Importantly, as a critical infrastructure provider, we take pride in and will continue to deploy our resources for humanitarian purposes. This is a duty we take seriously. For 20 years, Ericsson Response has been at the forefront of the UN Emergency Telecommunications Cluster – using our telecoms skills and technology to bring together the aid organizations that help alleviate affected populations in disasters and other humanitarian emergencies. It is vital work like this that underpins Ericsson’s engagements across several of the complex markets in which we operate.


Ericsson has a long tradition of global engagement and today is present in 180 countries.  As a cornerstone principle, Ericsson is committed to the development and maintenance of sustainable communications networks, guided by our core values of integrity, respect, professionalism and perseverance. Importantly, we are committed to being a positive force in the communities in which we operate – in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Given our global presence and the ever-changing geopolitical situation, we continuously assess our presence, work and impact in countries and regions to ensure that our operations have not become impossible or intolerable to our core values. This includes a constant assessment of the safety and security of our people and contractors, the respect for the rule of law in the areas where we work, and the respect for human rights. As we decide to enter or exit a market, we will consider all these matters in the broad context of Ericsson’s long held principles and foundational belief that access to communications is a basic human need.