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Orange Business Services Connectivity Management

ID Orange_Business_Service_Connectivity_Management

IoT Managed Global Connectivity provides you with the right connectivity and associated services to centrally manage an increasing number of SIM cards deployed in various countries. Key capabilitty include:

  • Data, SMS or voice communications with IoT devices
  • SIM cards dedicated to IoT
  • Web-based IoT connectivity management tools
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Multi-domestic solution
  • Flexible LifeTime option
  • Dedicated and expert IoT customer support
Product features Company information

Product information

  • Product category
  • Product type
    IOT Managed Connectivity


  • IOT

Vertical industry

  • IOT


  • Asia Pacific
  • Americas
  • MEA
  • LAM
  • Europe
  • ROW
  • Other

Area of use

  • Monitoring
  • Maintenance
  • Remote operation
  • Positioning & Tracking
  • Logistic
  • Other
  • Worker Safety
  • Industrial automation
  • Video Surveillance

Orange Business Services

At Orange Business Services, we know how to help you seize the opportunities relevant to your business. We'll guide you through every step of your IoT solution, growing your project from design to fruition.