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5G patents and licensing

5G standardization is supported by the patent and licensing process, and boosts performance between networks, devices and operators, creating new revenue streams with radical new business models and use cases.

Progress on the 5G standardization front also brings enormous opportunities to the way we use our devices to communicate with our surroundings, revolutionizing key industries globally, including: TV and media; manufacturing; healthcare; telecommunications; and transportation and infrastructure.

Why you shouldn’t believe everything you read about 5G patents.

The true story of 5G patent leadership is much more complicated than the prevalent media narrative.

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Landmark 5G patent application - a foundation for the future

The 5G foundation patent application forms the foundation of the 5G standardization work and shows how to incorporate numerous individual inventions to build a complete 5G architecture. With 130 inventors, it is the largest patent application in terms of inventors in the cellular industry, anywhere in the world (source: Derwent Innovation). Watch the video to discover the future of mobile networks.

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Estimating the future 5G patent landscape

Who will own the most significant 5G patent portfolios in the industry? Learn about the future patent landscape for 5G.

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5G at Ericsson

Ericsson has been a key driver of 5G development and deployment, working closely with collaborators to recognize and confront opportunities and challenges.


Our 5G innovation journey

We have been the main driver throughout the development of the 5G standard and have reached several important milestones from 2011 when it all started, until today, when we are powering live commercial 5G networks across five continents.

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