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A commitment to a connected world

How R&D builds a culture of innovation and fosters the knowledge economy
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MAY 17, 2018. Ericsson’s R&D has been pivotal in enabling the most significant advances in mobile technology. With over 45,000 granted patents, Ericsson’s portfolio is one of the strongest in the industry.

This did not happen by chance.

Fair rewards allow us to foster an equitable environment of collaboration, spurring sustained innovation and continued technological breakthroughs.

We were able to establish one of the strongest patent portfolios in the industry because we ensure that innovations and breakthroughs are fairly compensated and rewarded. When companies, industries, and governments come together to show that new ideas are valued, this fosters an environment for continued, groundbreaking ingenuity.

“The push comes from the leading markets and from standards,” said Erik Ekudden, Ericsson Group CTO, during the CTO panel. “That gives us the incentive to really get the road to 5G all sorted out.”

Our vision of the future will involve even higher-speed connectivity, linking people and businesses across the globe so that any data — from text, to photos, to HD streaming video, to sensor data — can be transferred in an instant, anywhere in the world. The future includes exciting Internet of Things (IoT) possibilities, both in our homes, when and where we shop for goods and services, and on busy factory floors and industrial sectors.

The possibilities are endless and hard even to imagine: totally immersive VR experiences, connected transportation networks, and nearly lag-free response times from first responders.

Clearly, mobile communications are very different today than a decade ago, or even a year ago. To unlock the potential advances of future mobile technology, Ericsson is committed to working with our partners to establish an industry-wide culture of innovation. That’s what the “Quest for Easy” is all about.

Working together, we can ensure that our world becomes connected in ways we haven’t even imagined possible yet.

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