Fostering connected innovation

JUL 11, 2018. The technology we create can help solve key societal challenges and spur innovation across industries. But to reap these benefits, we need to work together to protect open and collaborative innovation.

We are on a “Quest for Easy” to create game-changing technology that is easy to use, adapt and scale, enabling businesses to capture the full value of connectivity in Europe and across the world.

For us innovation is not just a buzzword, it’s in our DNA. The mobile communication technology we build today will enable innovation in entirely new domains tomorrow. It will create endless opportunities and has the potential to fundamentally change the way we live. That’s why we are working with our partners to solve major societal and business challenges:

  • To alleviate major challenges in transportation, like traffic, accidents and the devastating impact on environment, we are developing next-generation transportation use cases with vehicle manufacturer Scania and the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.
  • In healthcare, we're enabling surgeons and doctors to perform diagnosis and remote surgery on patients anywhere in the world. 
  • We’re also developing technology that will enable factories to customize and automate production faster than ever before. 

But these technological solutions are only possible if we continue developing cutting-edge global standards for mobile wireless communications, such as 5G. Ensuring this solid foundation for innovation is essential to unlocking the full potential of these and other industries across the globe, leading to advancements in new domains we have not even imagined.

That’s why Ericsson supports licensing of patented standard essential technology on fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory (FRAND) terms. FRAND enables innovators to recoup their high-risk investments in R&D and re-invest in future developments, from cellular technology to new advances in video encoding and location-based services. It means that the fruits of early and fundamental research are contributed back to the ecosystem, establishing technology standards for generations to come. Beyond this, FRAND fosters competition, benefits consumers, and provides a platform for innovative SMEs to scale up.

We stand ready to work with policy-makers and industry stakeholders to ensure that all innovators have a fair chance to compete and succeed on the merits of their technology, and to enable the broadest possible deployment of mobile communication standards.

We will continue to build on our legacy as a European innovator to create cutting-edge mobile communication technology and unlock a wave of new value. Join us on the quest for easy!