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2016 Inventor of the Year award winners

At Ericsson, we’re delighted to announce our inventors of the year 2016.

Our chosen recipients for the 2016 year are:

Erik Eriksson

Erik Eriksson,
Senior Specialist in Radio Network Modeling and Control

Awarded for his outstanding work in LTE evolution and the foundation of the 5G New Radio (NR) standard. His work to increase LTE network capacity, along with his contributions to machine type communications (MTC) and massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO), are all important components of our networked society vision.

Havish Koorapaty

Havish Koorapaty,
Master Researcher, Ericsson Research, Silicon Valley

Chosen for sharing his expertise and inspring his Ericsson colleagues for over 20 years. This award recognizes his longstanding work on virtually every wireless system sold by Ericsson – and his central role in the strategic push to expand our mobile technology capabilities into local access.

Mattias Frenne

Mattias Frenne,
Senior Specialist for Multi Antenna Signal Processing

As a local innovation leader, Mattias mentors, coaches and provides valuable support to other researchers. This prize rewards his role in LTE evolution and the foundation of the 5G NR standard.