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2017 Inventor of the Year award winners

Bold innovations drive us forward. At Ericsson, we strive to recognize our inventors’ hard work and contributions to our patent portfolio. The Inventor of the Year award celebrates the pioneers who go above and beyond.

Each day, game-changing inventions are in development, leading the way toward universal connectivity.

With more than 49,000 granted patents, we have one of the largest intellectual property portfolios in the telecommunications industry. The 3GPP standardization model ensures a level playing field for future technology giants and a connected world to benefit all.

For the past 20 years, the annual Inventor of the Year award has been recognizing Ericsson inventors. Meet this year’s winners.

Pål Frenger

Pål Frenger started working on LTE back in 2002. Since then, he has created many valuable inventions that contribute to the cellular standards we all use each day.

As a Senior Specialist, his innovations are optimized for reducing energy consumption in the network.

Pål helps to enable rural connectivity by ensuring 5G coverage reaches those areas and that the base stations are more efficient.

His hard work across a wide scope of projects has earned him a spot as one of our Inventors of the Year.

Pål Frenger

“There is some kind of elegance in beautiful solutions.”

Johan Bergman

“It feels good to know the innovations are in use in networks around the world.”

Johan Bergman

Imagine how rewarding it must feel to know that your innovations are in use across the world, in both industry and people’s lives. Johan Bergman, a Master Researcher here at Ericsson, knows that feeling. That’s why he is one of our Inventors of the Year.

Johan creates innovations for the Internet of Things, actively contributing to Ericsson’s patent portfolio. He continuously improves technology to make sure it is of the very best standard for cellular IoT, ready to benefit society.

Stefano Sorrentino

When it comes to automotive connectivity, Stefano Sorrentino is the go-to man. His extensive filing of inventions in automotive technology has earned him a well-deserved place as one of our Inventors of the Year.

Stefano works to make sure the transport network is not only safe and reliable, but greener and more efficient too. From improving vehicle entertainment to enhancing autonomous driving functionalities, Stefano is on the road to innovation.

Our position at the forefront of mobile technology wouldn’t be possible without our team of talented inventors. Ongoing investment in R&D has led to a new era of connectivity. With a shared drive to develop new ways to communicate, innovators at Ericsson are raising the bar when it comes to technology.

Stefano Sorrentino

“Sometimes you may even manage to find a totally different direction. Those are the inventions that make a difference.”