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2021 Inventor of the Year award winners

For over 20 years our annual Inventor of the Year award has recognized Ericsson researchers and engineers for their outstanding contributions to our growing patent portfolio. With over 60,000 granted patents, our inventors have established Ericsson as a technology leader in the telecommunications industry. The revenue from licensing these patents allows us to keep investing in research to further shape the future of global connectivity. Meet this year’s winners.

Sorour Falahati

Sorour has played a vital role in Ericsson’s 3GPP delegation for several years, most recently holding the position of vice technical coordinator in her working group. She has gained broad experience in many different areas of radio standardization and developed an impressive patent portfolio. As 5G was being defined as a global standard, Sorour’s group was responsible for designing part of the system known as ‘control channel’. This relates to the interaction between devices and the network and how information is passed between the two, ultimately enabling an improved user experience.

2021 Inventor of the Year award winner Sorour Falahati

Susana Fernandez

Susana has been part of the Ericsson family for over 25 years. She started working in standardization in 2008 and has been instrumental in pushing the mobile industry forward ever since. As a testament to her contribution, Susana was elected as a 3GPP working group chairperson in 2019. She specializes in the areas of policy control and network exposure, working to improve quality of service across the 5G network for all parties, from service providers to operators and users.

2021 Inventor of the Year award winner Susana Fernandez

Shiwei Gao

Much of Shiwei’s work revolves around MIMO and multi-antenna technology, key enablers for a faster, more reliable 5G experience. The 5G spectrum is a scarce resource that network operators spend billions of dollars trying to acquire, so spectral efficiency is key. Shiwei’s inventions seek to improve this spectral efficiency and are crucial to the smooth transfer of information between networks, base stations, and mobile devices. He is responsible for preparing detailed research, calculations, and simulations for his delegate colleagues to present at 3GPP.

2021 Inventor of the Year award winner Shiwei Gao