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Ericsson researchers and innovators are dedicated to advancing society with disruptive technology – and open collaboration and competition are drivers of new ideas. Together, we’re building towards the networked society.

Disruptive technology


Back in 1995, our researchers envisioned a ‘wireless cord’ that would be both affordable and energy efficient. After three years of extensive research, Bluetooth was released to the world, changing mobile connectivity and music listening forever.


By the mid-noughties it was clear the world needed the internet to be more mobile. As consumers started to use the technology in new and different ways, their demands grew. We did our research and released the LTE standard in 2008, enabling you to play games, watch videos and surf the web on-the-go.

Ultra HD video compression

Ultra HD video streaming once seemed like a distant dream – but, thanks to our video compression experts, the latest and greatest video standard (HEVC) was released in 2013. This groundbreaking technology cut Ultra HD data usage in half, delivering a stunning picture over any network and device.

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Future technologies

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