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Highlighting inventors

Intellectual property rights are at the center of the technologies that drive Ericsson. It is important to emphasize patents and licensing as a means to fuel continued innovation.

Below we spotlight Ericsson inventors and researchers, but also the importance of innovation for today and tomorrow. The videos illustrate Ericsson's serial inventiveness, our commitment to open standards and fair recognition for inventors.

People-powered innovation at D-15

Ericsson’s D-15 facility, located in Santa Clara, is at the heart of the company’s 5G revolution. Named after the company’s first workshop in Sweden, the facility aims to capture the bold, entrepreneurial spirit of its founding. Behind all that innovation – are people.

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Girl Scouts and STEM: Fostering the inventors of the future

Girl Scouts has long taught young women skills like citizenship, financial literacy and environmental stewardship. At the Girl Scouts’ STEM Center of Excellence in Dallas, scouts of all ages – the world’s future inventors – are gaining the skills and tools necessary to make their ideas real. Ericsson wired the site with high-speed fiber optic Internet, and helped create a training program to educate STEM volunteers.

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Inventors with different perspectives create technology that works for everyone

At Ericsson, women inventors are behind the some of the most important developments in cellular networks, the technology that make our phones just work. Yet, in the U.S., women earn half of the doctoral degrees in science and engineering, but only 10 percent of U.S. patent holders are female. It’s important that all our company’s inventors are empowered to protect their intellectual property.

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