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Catalog Manager


Ericsson Catalog Manager allows customers to rapidly launch and enable new innovative offerings with simple user experience and enterprise product, service & resource catalog capabilities.

Overview What Why

Operators are now facing the need to offer a vast and complex array of new products that, unlike ever before, have shorter lifetimes and multiple channel dependencies. New products must be created from many moving and changing parts -- and brought to market quickly to give customers the services they want, when they want them.

Ericsson Catalog Manager allows operators to deal with this new reality. More than a simple product catalog management system, it lets you quickly create new products and services from reusable product, service and resource components, so you can assemble offerings, drive sales and manage fulfillment processes with lower costs and better reliability. Product teams can define new product offerings and specifications quickly by leveraging pre-defined technical specifications and provisioning processes. Customer service representatives (CSRs) find the most relevant customer solutions through an automated product selection search engine. Even if offerings involve third parties, Ericsson Catalog Manager federates processes across multiple fulfillment stacks and methods for coordinated and dynamic product provisioning.

Ericsson Catalog Manager is a unique platform that cohesively supports the product lifecycle from offer creation to fulfillment. This catalog management system easily integrates with surrounding OSS/BSS solutions, providing key catalog features that include:

  • A centralized catalog. Use a single, consistent source of offerings, specifications, and underlying business rules to simplify product management and drive fulfillment, charging and assurance.
  • Graphical designer tool. Quickly create and assemble components into product specifications.
  • Scalable run-time access. Allow OSS/BSS and network systems to access catalog data in real time.

Ericsson Catalog Manager delivers nimble design tools that help you consolidate your entire supply chain and optimize new product introductions. It drives your sales, pre-ordering and fulfillment processes and supports your overall lifecycle management. Consider Ericsson Catalog Manager as your catalog management system if you want to:

  • Cut product development costs. Reuse proven components to create new offerings while you ensure specification consistency.
  • Speed time-to-revenue. Roll out new products and services faster from idea to implementation, and improve delivery from order to cash.
  • Manage offers, products, services and resources in one system. Standardize operational workflows and business rules, centralize product management processes, and federate existing catalogs into a single view.