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Ericsson 5G Transformation Strategy Consulting


5G Technology is transforming the landscape of Telecommunications. Enterprises and Consumers are both looking forward to harnessing the power of advanced technologies and use cases leveraging 5G. CSPs need to have an optimal 5G Market entry strategy for both consumer and enterprise and align their network capabilities to the needs. Enterprise market is complex, dispersed and needs a laser focus to identify, deploy and scale use cases with a clearly defined role in the value chain for the CSP. As the CSPs evolve in their 5G maturity, they will need to fine tune their business models to leverage the true power of 5G using Slicing and APIs transforming towards evolved role in the monetization journey.

As CSPs evolve along the above journey, Ericsson 5G Transformation Strategy Consulting provides a step wise modular approach to accelerate their journey. It starts with the 5G Consumer & Enterprise strategy, tailoring their market entry strategy for their environment unlocking new revenue opportunities, RoI based prioritization and identifying capabilities aligned with the business requirements. The second module comprises of Enterprise GTM defining offering, value proposition, role in the value chain and sales enablement in engaging the Enterprise customers. For advanced customers, advanced capabilities such as network slicing and network exposure enables building of platform consumption models towards enterprises and consumers on a dynamic basis. 

Some of the key areas we address as a part of this offering are:
1. 5G Market entry strategy
2. 5G Technology & Business Alignment
3. 5G B2B Sales Enablement
4. 5G Go-to-market Acceleration
5. Network Slicing Monetization
6. API & NaaP Exposure GTM Strategy
7. Business Value Articulation



Accelerated monetization of 5G Invesmtents


Targeted and efficient GTM for Enterprises 


Optimized role in the value chain for the CSP


Innovative services and business models