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Ericsson AI and Analytics Operations Consulting

People working in front of multiple screens in a Network and/or Security operation center.

Ericsson's AI and Analytics Operations Consulting Offer is a key part of Advisory Services. As a trusted advisor, Consulting offers to support CSPs/Operators with the aid of Data and Analytics in achieving an e2e view of AI/ML based operations and autonomous operations. Additionally, through the improvement of Data Quality/Accuracy (e.g., of Network Inventory and other key operational data), AI/ML-based operations will be strengthened for CSP/Operator's data driven operations.
CSPs are struggling to bring down their operational cost while striving towards more agile operational decisions "right first time" to stay competitive and deliver better customer experience. The essence of the data-driven transformation of operations is the shift from the traditional network resource management model, based on a reactive incident-centric approach, into a new approach that revolves around turning data into predictions.

Ericsson's AI and Analytics Operations Consulting Offer support the following CSP goals:
• Helping a CSP accelerate their AI/ML adoption,
• Supporting a CSP in establishing a data governance strategy,
• Helping to optimize inventory for efficient operations and establishing a single source of truth, and
• Helping ingrain data analytics into their network’s DNA.
Ericsson uses its proven methodology and approach in identifying and implementing AI/ML in its own solutions and applies it to its customers’ strategies.

Some of the key areas we address as a part of this offering are:
1. AI/ML Ops & Automation Transformation
2. 5G Smart Rollout Model 
3. Data Quality Management
4. Inventory Management
5. Activation Services


Data Analytics

Ingrain data analytics in the network's DNA


Optimized inventory levels for efficient operations


Establish a data governance strategy


Accelerate AI/ML adoption