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OSS/BSS Delivery Services

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Delivery Services are available for the whole OSS/BSS portfolio. Delivery Services are focusing on preparing are pre-integrating OSS/BSS SW with basic configuration and integration of ready set of standard use cases and solution assets.

Our Delivery Services include-but not limited to:

  • Deployment and update of Ericsson OSS/BSS product and solution software
  • Deployment of accompanying 3PP software
  • Setup, deployment and extension of traditional hardware respectively IaaS and CaaS on wide range of private and public clouds
  • Basic integration and configuration of Ericsson solution starter packs
  • Software upgrade, in fully automated fashion in case of cloud-deployed products and solutions

We are continuosly fpcusing on improving our industralization assets with focus to reduce TCO, preparing for automation, and connect test cases and other quality aspects.


Quick value to CSPs

Maximizing the value of your OSS/BSS software investment


Efficiency amplified

Best practice models collected through thousand of projects framed for re-use continuosly

Optimal implementation

Our team of experts ensure a smooth and efficient implementation process