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OSS/BSS Ensure


Navigating the cloud-native journey presents challenges, notably the imperative to certify and seamlessly integrate proprietary network functions across diverse Hybrid Cloud Platform (HCPs).

The realms of cloud and cybersecurity pose formidable challenges for CSPs, underscoring the need for a vital blend of agility, flexibility, and steadfast security for a successful cloud voyage.

In response, our Ensure offering provides:

  • Cloud Certification Services: seamlessly enable CSPs to deploy and configure Ericsson OSS/BSS applications on any HCPs and provide automation through CI/CD and DevSecOps.
  • Security Assurance: enable CSPs to foster a proactive security culture and adopt a zero-trust architecture.
  • Performance Assurance: Guaranteeing optimal...

Avoid vendor lock-in

Embrace DevOps practices and ensure end-to-end performance and security of Ericsson products and solutions tailored to customers specific infrastructure.

Achieve Zero-Trust security

Ensure to manage most critical IT security and risk priorities.

Unleash optimal performance

Ensure optimal performance and reliability of the systems including 3PPs and customer ecosystem.