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Ericsson Cloud and IT Service Operations


Cloud and IT Service Opertaions provides domain-specific solutions around application and business process operations, infrastructure operations, multi-cloud and hybrid IT operations.

The objective is to provide end-to-end convergence in terms of delivery model, tools, processes and data lakes across- applications and infrastructure, to reduce cost of ownership (TCO) beyond individual operational layers. Cloud and IT Service Operations uses proactive and preventive operations by managing processes across applications and infrastructure using KPIs in additionb to technical KPIs.


E2E efficiency improvement

Operational efficiency improvement, driven by AI, automation and cloud native observability

Agile operating model

Streamlined development and deployment of new services and software through integrated DevOps and CI/CD practices

Realize platform Return on Investment (RoI)

Industrilized framework automates the validation of varius integrations in multi-vendor environment