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Diameter Signaling Controller


The growing volume of diameter signaling has been driven by the deployment of 4G broadband, voice, and policy control solutions, with 150 service providers today deploying Ericsson Diameter Signaling Controller in cloud centers to ensure maximum LTE and VoLTE coverage for subscribers. The DSC application is cloud optimized and it supports CEE, RHOS and VMWare making it the best fit for any cloud center. In addition, we continue supporting the native track. The cloud native DSC is also available and more infornation can be found under the Ericsson Signaling Controller.

The Ericsson Diameter Signaling Controller meets the high requirements for in-service performance and scalability demanded by control signaling products and can be used in the roles of:

  • Diameter Agent  – to route signaling messages between...

Maximizes networks' throughput

Ericsson Signaling Controller optimizes the throughput of the network

  • Supports static and dynamic overload handling
  • Sophisticated algorithms applied to take care of signaling peaks

Understand what is going on in your network

Ericsson Signaling Controller offers best-in-class monitorin tool

  • Embedded vTAP broker provides seamless integration with network analytics tools
  • Trace your signaling traffic like never before!

Well proven, stable product

Signaling is the heart of your core network – Ericsson Signaling Controller ensures you have a robust solution in your Diameter and HTTP networks

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