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IP Signalling Transfer Point


The next generation Ericsson IP-Signalling Transfer Point reduces the complexity of the network by acting as an aggregation point and a single point of interconnect towards other networks. The result is a more robust and scalable signaling network, as well as significant savings in terms of capital and operational expenditure. It is available as a native IP-STP or as a virtualized IP-STP, (vIP-STP). 

The Ericsson IP-Signalling Transfer Point has a small footprint and power consumption compared with previous generations. The Ericsson IP-STP also provides a powerful Protocol Tracer, which is integrated with the Ericsson Blade Server Platform and is part of Ericsson’s network management systems.

The Ericsson IP-Signalling Transfer Point supports signaling over IP as well as legacy transmission technologies (TDM) in the same node. It...