Private Networks

Industrial digitalization drives high demand on local private networks. Through our leadership in LTE and 5G technologies, we deliver standalone and integrated Private Networks for high reliability, high performance and secure communications, fulfilling business critical and mission critical needs. The solutions enable integration of diverse devices such as sensors, machines, in-vehicles and hand-held devices across a wide range of applications for industry enterprises.

With Private Networks solutions, we help communication service providers create scalable growth, by leveraging their existing network and spectrum assets through flexible deployment models. The solutions can be tailored to serve various scenarios e.g. indoor and outdoor, data and voice, standalone or integrated with public networks.

We are deploying large scale 4G and 5G private networks in multiple countries and applying 5G for advanced industries. Our Private Network solutions are enhanced with edge computing and network slicing to adapt to specific customer needs.

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Locally controlled

Full local control and edge processing to guarantee availability, reliability and security


Tailored for specific quality-of-service, mobility and latency settings

Future proof

5G ready for more advanced industrial use cases

Private Networks for Industries

Enable industry digitalization with flexible deployment for various verticals such as Airport, Mining,
Utility, Manufacturing. Secure communication with full control of coverage, devices and Quality of Services

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