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A comprehensive portfolio – one radio for every situation. Our radios span from 2 transmitter/receiver all the way to 64 transmitter/receiver capabilities. The macro portfolio entails Remote Radios, Massive MIMO and mmWave radios with industry-leading compact designs optimized for coverage and capacity in both single-band and multi-band options. The radios are designed for easy rollouts and installations, supporting rail mounting as well as antenna near mounting.


5G ready

5G support since 2015, and tailor-made for Ericsson Spectrum Sharing

Powerful – with reach

Best in class RF performance and high output power to maximize coverage and spectrum efficiency


Supporting Automatic Shared Carrier GSM+LTE, Ericsson radios are truly multi-standard

Easy as 1,2,3Cs

Ericsson Radio System provides coverage, capacity and capacity solutions for every network scenario

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Our range of products
Remote Radio

A comprehensive portfolio – one radio for every situation.

Massive MIMO

Antenna Integrated Radios for mid-band, mmWave and FDD AAS supporting both 4G and 5G.