Ericsson Spectrum Sharing

Dynamically add 5G NR in LTE carriers with Ericsson Spectrum Sharing. A unique Ericsson innovation.  

5G will be introduced on both new and legacy spectrum bands. This requires functionality that enables operators to plan its evolution of network assets including both spectrum bands and technologies, as well as, allow for a seamless roll-out of 5G with optimal end-user performance.

Ericsson Spectrum Sharing software, available on Ericsson Radio System products, is based on our unique intelligent scheduler algorithms. This gives the possibility to intelligently, flexibly and quickly introduce and add 5G within existing 4G carriers, e.g. introduce 5G on low/mid bands for wide area coverage and outside in coverage.

Ericsson Spectrum Sharing software dynamically shares spectrum between 4G and 5G carriers based on traffic demand. The switch between carriers happens within milliseconds, which minimizes spectrum wastage and allows for best end-user performance. 



Quick and seamless 5G introduction


Flexibly add 5G traffic when demand shifts


Nationwide 5G coverage from day one and best utilization of spectrum band assets