Ericsson Spectrum Sharing

Demand-driven spectrum sharing accelerates performance

Ericsson Spectrum Sharing transforms the way 5G is introduced. It brings 5G to everyone, everywhere, and much faster. Ericsson Spectrum Sharing is a unique and market-disruptive solution that introduces a new way of rolling out 5G. It re-uses hardware/spectrum/sites, increases coverage of mid/high band, and introduces a clear path to 5G standalone, allowing operators to shift capex investments from new sites to new 5G standalone use cases. The full advantages of network slicing and lower latency can be seized to power new business opportunities across industries, cities, factory floors and roads worldwide.

This innovation marks the first time that spectrum can be shared dynamically between technologies on the same band, enabling spectrum sharing between 4G and 5G. Operators can roll out 5G with minimal impact on existing user experiences, while increasing efficiency, boosting service assurance and greatly enhancing performance and mobility.

Ericsson pioneered the creation of an ecosystem around the 3GPP-defined standards for Dynamic Spectrum Sharing. While delivering all the ecosystem’s benefits, Ericsson Spectrum Sharing takes the technology even further. The unique Ericsson Spectrum Sharing scheduler enables rapid (per-millisecond) demand-driven spectrum allocation between 4G LTE and 5G NR. This maximizes spectrum efficiency and enables new low-latency use cases.

Ericsson Spectrum Sharing can be activated remotely through a software update in more than five million Ericsson Radio Systems already in service worldwide.  Ericsson Spectrum Sharing has full eco-system support.



5G wide area coverage and boost of coverage and capacity with Carrier Aggregation


Highest spectrum efficiency, with fastest  - 1ms - sharing of spectrum between 5G/4G


A better way to build 5G - Remote software update on >5 million Ericsson Radio Systems in service worldwide

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Realize the 5G vision with Ericsson Spectrum Sharing

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