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GSM Radio Access Network

GSM Radio Access Network

GSM RAN offers the market-leading Ericsson Shared Carrier. Dynamically share GSM with LTE spectrum.

GSM RAN also offers unique advantages in terms of coverage, subscribers, operational cost, device cost, roaming and M2M application support.

Thin Layer GSM is Ericsson's approach to optimizing and evolving GSM for current and future demands. This is achieved by offering superior performance with minimum energy, hardware and spectrum resources and the lowest possible OPEX.

The Ericsson Shared Carrier solution enables ultra-thin GSM spectrum utilization and easily shares spectrum with LTE or WCDMA on our multi-standard Baseband.

GSM RAN runs on multi-standard Ericsson Radio System Basebands where all radio technologies share both radio access, transport and network management, further improving efficiency.

Ericsson can offer proven advantages in key automation functionalities such as VAMOS (Voice Services over Adaptive Multi User Channels on One Slot) and AFLP (Automatic Frequency Load Planning) etc.



Ultra 'Thin' GSM spectrum


No unique HW - Ericsson Radio System


GSM Automation functionality