LTE RAN brings you software for Gigabit speeds, using FDD and TDD, housed flexibly on one board. 

Ericsson LTE RAN continues to bring a great experience for mobile broadband. The evolution of LTE is still relentless. Several milestones now increase capacity and speed by ten times since the start of LTE.

To enable an efficient means for operators to migrate their legacy RAN to LTE, Ericsson offers advanced mixed-mode (2G/3G/LTE/IoT) solutions which run simultaneously on one Baseband board.

LTE is now spelled Gigabit LTE

Ericsson LTE now delivers Gigabit speeds to more than ten markets worldwide, adding capacity and cutting time-to-content, for a network that keeps one step ahead of its customers. With this continued strong evolution LTE steadily paves the way for 5G – while reusing the installed base.


FDD and TDD carriers over one and the same RAN Compute board

Always up-to-date

Quick feedback loops with continuous deployment and quarterly drops

Ready for the future

LTE RAN powered by 5G ready RAN Compute and Radio