Licensed-Assisted Access

Licensed-Assisted Access (LAA) is a key milestone on the road to 5G, delivering speeds of above 1 Gbps. LAA is an LTE feature that leverages the free 5 GHz unlicensed band in combination with licensed spectrum to deliver a performance boost for mobile users.

By applying the fair sharing principle listen before talk (LBT), LAA optimizes available wireless network resources and improves app coverage for all users whether their devices are using LTE or Wi-Fi.

LAA improves app coverage

To improve app coverage indoors – Ericsson is adding LAA to its indoor portfolio, through the RBS 6402, our indoor Pico Cell. To meet the outdoor hotspot challenges LAA is available on our Micro Radio 2205.



Supports up to 2 licensed + 3 unlicensed carriers - above 1 Gbps


Utilize the free unlicensed spectrum for a performance boost


Ericsson is first with commercial indoor and outdoor solutions and is live in several countries