With macro site installation already close to the limit introduction of new frequency bands, additional numbers of carriers and M-MIMO becomes a challenge. Here is when Macro Integrated Site Solutions come into play, enabling:

—Very high integration level and camouflaging
—New site locations and expansions in complex site infrastructure
—System optimized and verified solution incl. Ericson Radio System active products
—Optimal thermal performance
—Best in class RF performance
—Optimized Usability and Installability
—Pre assembly → less installation time and secured installation quality on site


Efficient way to quickly build large coverage areas


Highest output power levels to maximize capacity and coverage

Massive MIMO

Antenna Integrated Radios (AIR) for Massive MIMO usage to further increase capacity and coverage

Our range of products
Interleaved AIR 3237

Interleaved AIR 3237 combines and interleaves 32T32R massive MIMO for mid-band 5G, with a multi-band passive antenna....