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5G Plug-Ins

5G Plug-Ins offer premium software innovations that boost the capabilities of today’s LTE networks. 

To facilitate a rapid evolution of 5G, we are delivering our 5G Plug-Ins, bringing essential 5G technology concepts to today's LTE.

5G Plug-Ins include:

  • Massive MIMO and Multi-user MIMO: Combines MIMO with beamforming on advanced antennas to improve the user-experience, capacity, and coverage of the mobile network.
  • Intelligent Connectivity: Increases the combined data throughput of 4G and 5G by enabling the network to intelligently route data based on application requirements.
  • RAN Virtualization: Improves network efficiency and performance by enabling Virtual Network Functions (VNF) to be centralized on a common 4G / 5G platform.
  • Latency Reduction: Reduces time to content while enabling real-time communications.

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Enabling 5G technology for today’s networks

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Massive MIMO for increased capacity and coverage


Enable a smooth introduction of 5G with Intelligent Connectivity

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