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Mission Critical Communications

Ericsson, through its leadership in 3GPP LTE and 5G technologies, delivers mission and business-critical mobile broadband solutions to mobile network operators and partners, enabling them to offer reliable, high performance and secure communications to first responders, governments and industries.

These solutions represent the next generation of mission-critical mobile networks, designed to complement or replace existing national or regional land mobile radio systems, providing a comprehensive voice, data and video services.

This technology evolution is also enabling a wider range of business models delivering more cost-effective solutions - from dedicated LTE/5G networks to commercial mobile networks with specialist embedded mission-critical capabilities.

Ericsson Mission Critical Networks offer the following solutions:

  • Group-Radio Mission-Critical Push-To-Talk: Offers current LMR users a migration path to LTE, retaining their operational capabilities for mission-critical group communication
  • Mission-Critical LTE: Mobile broadband networks with functionality to support mission-critical communication requirements

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