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Ericsson Private 5G

Ericsson Private 5G

Ericsson Private 5G

Private network for your industry

Ericsson Private 5G is a wireless networking product providing high speed secure 4G and 5G connectivity to accelerate your organizations digital transformation. Ericsson Private 5G is the easy-to-order, -install and -manage private network for industrial use. It has a cloud-based network management portal and a troubleshooting app built to meet enterprise Information Technology (IT) and Operation Technology (OT) users' self-management needs, while keeping sensitive data safe on site.

Ericsson Private 5G enables a wide variety of industrial use cases by providing 4G and 5G, both for indoor and outdoor. Management of Ericsson Private 5G is designed from the ground up to enable organizations to manage their own networks but also integrate with operator management systems if so desired. Integration with IT and OT systems are easy with an open API.

Ericsson Private 5G follows the digitalization journey of industrial companies and has a range of deployment sizes, through small, medium, large, extra large - to match their unique situation. Organizations will benefit from the seamless evolution and upgradability by starting small with a few connected devices and scale as business grows.


Solutions designed for today’s dynamic enterprise IT and OT environments, engineered for the demands of complex and industrial operating environments.


Today’s airports are fast embracing new solutions as they evolve into smarter operations.

Energy utilities

Energy utility companies all over the world are responding to the accelerating need for smarter ways to control the flow of energy.


Private cellular networks are unlocking the potential of Industry 4.0, and making connected manufacturing equipment a reality.


Private cellular networks are supplying the enhanced connectivity to reach deep into any mine, allowing for safer, more productive, and sustainable mining operations.

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A port augmented with a private cellular network can fully automate its operations, creating a more efficient digitally connected harbor of the future.

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Offshore and Processing

Private networks and 5G technology are fundamental to industrial digitalization and achieving net zero emission commitments, as well as creating safer environments for connected workers.

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Your network, your choice

Ericsson offers a portfolio with a choice of local cellular networks. Whether it’s simple and prepackaged, or tailored and comprehensive, we have the solution for you.

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