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Inspiring the Internet of Things

We believe the Internet of Things will have a profound impact in the future. Enabling anything to be connected and providing ’smartness’ to these connected things will bring value across a number of sectors in the networked society. But the Internet of Things, or IoT for short, is not always that easily explained.

Ericsson is engaged with a number of partners from Industry and Academia in an EU-funded research project called the IoT Initiative (IoT-i) with the objective of increasing the benefits and possibilities of the Internet of Things, but also identifing and proposing ways to tackle the challenges.

The project analyzed about 150 application scenarios of strategic importance. A selected subset were tested in surveys which went out to a number of users and professionals within the ICT community. In order to reach out to the broadest audience, the concept of storytelling was used to communicate the scenarios. By producing what we in the project call the ’Internet of Things Comic Book’ we wanted to explain IoT for everybody the way we see it. You may agree or disagree with our story, but the important thing is to start talking about it.

Internet of Things

You are invited to use the material in this book to communicate and think about the Internet of Things.

Download the book for free (pdf) - 31 MB.

  • On behalf of the IoT-i project consortium:
  • Mirko Presser, Alexandra Institute, and Jan Höller, Ericsson.