Ericsson Technology Review, Issue 2/2016

The IoT, speed, and deep collaboration

This issue of Ericsson Technology Review covers a wide range of topics including narrowband Internet of Things, the next-generation central office, telco-grade platform as a service, 4G/5G RAN architecture, and cloud robotics enabled by 5G. The feature story – Five trends shaping innovation in ICT – presents what I consider to be the major technology trends that will stimulate innovation in the coming year. Do you agree with me? I’d love to hear from you with any feedback you might have.

If I were to suggest one takeaway from all of the articles included in this issue, I would say it is speed. Device processing is getting faster, data speeds are constantly increasing and radio speeds are approaching those of fiber. More people are becoming subscribers, more things are becoming connected and more applications are running constantly. Developers of new technologies are working hard to enhance responsiveness by reducing latency, a key performance parameter. The capability to determine which functions can be virtualized to maximize ideal placement in the network and ensure low latency is one of the primary driving factors behind the proposed split of radio-access architecture discussed in this issue.

As always, I hope you find our stories relevant and inspiring.